Ice princess..

08 Aug

frosty fox
foxy toy
little miss sunshine
with a frozen heart

beautiful eyes
a lovely pretty lie
inside a dingy hive
expert at hiding
acting all fine

got it all
seemingly in control
has the world wrapped round her finger
or dazed by her dashing figure

Frosty wall
closed up to all
never lets in a soul
never found any worthy

love a chore
affection a bore
thronged by friends
but feels like an island in the vast ocean

She is the image of perfection,
the face of affluence
modern day queen
without the need of a nagging king
force to reckon with
a genius, a business whiz
but incomplete within
and never willing to admit

the ice princess
a creature made by the world’s cultural recess
here to stay
and raise more that way
can never blame
till you live in her heels for a day

the ice princess
the frosty queen
unwilling to thaw
complete on her own

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Posted by on August 8, 2011 in Poetry


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