I found a role model…

08 Aug

At one point in time, someone asked me who is my role model and I froze. I didn’t have one. Well, besides the fact that everyone who read gifted hands at some point in their lives wanted to be a neuron-surgeon and Ben Carson was their role model. At this moment in time, I could conclusively answer the question. I have several role models depending on the area of life that I need influence. I have one for business, for beauty, for intelligence, for wisdom, for practicality and personality,and the list is endless. So what type of role model have I found? I found someone who’s life is teaching me the beauty of staying true to who you are and what you believe in.

The person is Juliani, the gospel hip hop sensation. Not that I have any aspirations of being a rapper, no. I just love his journey, or at least the bit I know about him. I remember the days when he was starting out. I was in high school and he came to our school severally to perform. I remember the first two times he came, i was wondering who is this guy and what’s with the conc sheng. But the third time he came, I decided to give him a listen and it was love at first hearing. I loved his style, his wit. Juliani is a sheng poet and that’s probably why i love his songs so much because they are just poems in motion, and anyone who claims to know me knows that i love poetry.

The precise reason why I lover Juliani is because he stuck to what he was.He knows his identity and he rocks it with crazy swagger. He kept to his style and obviously sharpening it to the level where he is renowned countrywide and over. I attend his performances now and i always leave thinking that Christianity is actually cool. Generally speaking, believing in something and sticking to it is an awesome thing especially if the thing you believe in is as profound and fulfilling.I am and will be unabashedly a lifetime fan of Julius Owino a.k.a. Juliani.

I’m staying true to me and stick to what I believe in till I reach for the stars and beyond!

That’s why my new slogan in life is”
” aha aha aha! Exponential potential!”

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