Laws of the land

06 Aug

Laws of the land. . .

Law to lead
save from greed
protect all creed
law of equality
of personal liberty
but many the times it bears much misery

law to comfort
to duly guide
be a light
hold the blind.
the source
the cause of so much strife
many brethren do themselves fight.

Law of nature
the hourglass sand
foundation by which the earth does stand
abused ignored by concieted man
maybe why the world feels twisted by its hand

law of truth
the beauty of honesty
the virtue of simplicity
the gift of individuality
polluted, infested by the disease of conformity

if only we could learn to abide
to listen to nature and preserve the time.
for in order to be truly free,
we ought to know when to lay down our will.

the laws of the land
laws by which the earth stands.

… Estrella …

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Posted by on August 6, 2011 in Poetry


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