Shake up the system

04 Aug


It is said that madness is doing the same thing severally in the exact same way and expecting different results… This quote is the basis of my post. Our beloved country Kenya has been plagued by, sadly, the same problems and issues year in and year out. Although the crop of leaders from independence days has been significantly changed, the same ideals of greed, selfishness and vanity have been propelled, handed down, and even magnified from regime to regime.

Therefore I have come up with an ingenious idea (in all due humility). Flow with me her. Who in real sense controls Kenya and its every day functionality? My vote goes to cooperates. I mean, look at Julie Gichuru’s feature on who owns Kenya. I agree that politicians own a lot of property but the companies and the corporate control everything. They are the people who negotiate billion dollar deals; they are the same ones who attract investors despite all the political redundancy and rhetoric. They are the same people who move and shake the economy and hence Kenya. Look at Even NGO’s like The Kenya Red Cross. They have, on countless occasions, done the governments work for them without the time wasting bureaucracy and with commendable efficiency.

My suggestion is that we have two parallel governments. One strictly ceremonial an for the cameras and he sake of the amusement of the politicians and cameras (which is mostly what the current parliament is doing in my opinion). The other government will be behind the scenes but do all the work and should ideally formulate all the policies because they understand the situation on the ground.

Sincerely, I would vote in Abbas Gullet in a heartbeat as the next president if he happens to vie for the seat if only he would not go to the parliamentary buildings. I think they are jinxed because I cannot sometimes understand the metamorphosis the best of leaders went through just because of parliament.  They either simmer into the background or get infected with the greed flu.

This is precisely why I vouch for cooperates to run this country and I am almost certain we will soar to amazing heights while satisfying everyone. The cooperates understand the value of good Public Relations and how to research and ask the population for feedback. The politicians will still get to hurl words at each other and have a circus (all at greatly reduced salaries and allowances of course) and Kenya would finally accelerate towards its rightful position.

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