Bummed men. . .

01 Aug


I may be mistaken to be a feminist who delights in bashing men because of this post but so be it. My intent is to shake up the men in slumber world and get them to smell the coffee, and to applaud the men who deserve the title.

Bummed men are the type that expect to do whatever irresponsible things their mind could conjure and wait for women to readily accommodate their devices and lavish them like kings. Today I happened to listen to a breakfast show where they were talking about women who earn more than their husbands. It simply disgusted me to hear a man lamenting how his wife does not leave him any pocket change while all he does is lounge indoors and do nothing to help himself.

While am not saying that a man should always earn more than a woman, i think that a man should be worth respecting. A man that understands the value of working for his own. A bummed man just stirs up anger and irritation because he expects handouts and pity. I salute all the men who respect themselves and know that working for themselves is not just a matter of income but a source of pride. Its true that misfortune may strike and money and a job may go. But a hard-working resourceful man is a treasure every woman desires.
Even the most outspoken feminist would not mind giving the whole of her salary to a man worth his salt and who has proven himself. That is true,believe it or not. No one feels like dishing out hard earned cash to a conceited couch potato.

Pity parties are disgusting and i urge all men who are slacking off to style up or shut up!

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