School: a necessary pasttime or a just a big joke.

27 Jul


At times, i really question the importance or the exaggerated essence of school. Don’t get me wrong, i understand the importance of knowledge and exposure. Plus am not a dumb kid who fails in class and thus decides to rave and rant about the vanity of classroom learning. No. On the contrary,i am a person who likes to analyse my surrounding and question some norms that are widely accepted.

Just yesterday as i was going to town,i sat in the front seat with the driver and i was amazed at how much i could learn from him. He even pinpointed some men who are usually stationed at some point and told me that they are conmen and pickpockets. The men in question are middle aged and could be easily mistaken for decent people just going about their business. They are people with taxis and money but i guess their kleptomaniac tendencies are too strong. The things people do for money!

I have met scores of people from all walks of life and professions and the common lesson i got was the need to be street smart. Being book smart makes your start in life a little smoother but in order to go further, social smarts rule the day. I just wish there was a way we could get both smarts from school but wishes remain to be just wishes.

The true depth of knowledge and wisdom is in peoples minds, in their scars,in their experiences,in their tears, in their hearts. School has its place but i wish it also taught how to be human and not behave like vultures tearing each other for the illusive piece of meat. Ever wondered why some people study for a particular expertise but eventually end up doing something totally unrelated and feeling great about it? I think that books and the education sector pushes some professions and ideologies on us. So many end up wasting time,money and energy before realising that their heart was never in it in the first place.

However school has its added advantages. That is the place you will interact and meet with people from all schools of thoughts,varied personalities and even beliefs. My main complaint is that school is chiefly one-sided and static which is unfortunate because we live in an ever changing world. The system should be revised every couple of years. If its not checked, the education system will just be producing half baked clueless individuals.


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2 responses to “School: a necessary pasttime or a just a big joke.

  1. Corinne Gregory

    July 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Laetoille, I stumbled across your blog this morning and I wanted to let you know that there IS a way we can get both book smarts and SocialSmarts — as a matter of fact, that IS what my organization does (and, it’s called, SocialSmarts!) We help schools integrate social skills, character and values learning directly into what they are doing with core curriculum. The changes these schools see is nothing short of miraculous. Discipline problems drop, bullying goes away, teachers get more time to teach since they spend less on “babysitting,” and test scores goe up!

    If you’re interested in more on what we do and how, I invite you to visit Your wish is our mission! and it’s coming true all across the country!

    – Corinne Gregory

  2. laetoille

    July 28, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Corine gregory, its great what your organisation is doing. I have visited your websi e and i liked what i saw. However, your program seems to be concentrated in America. I am from Kenya and i don’t know if your program extends outside your country. If it does extend, are the programs tailor made for each region, because different countries have different issues and needs depending on their culture.


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