The song, my song…

26 Jul

It always amazes me how people usually sense their death but usually noone takes it seriously because noone thinks of death all the time. I was watching a certain movie that brought me to tears about a little boy who died right after a press interview on a movement he had started to help people. he died trying to rescue a boy from bullies and he got stabbed in the stomach and did not survive. In the interview, the boy had happened to say that he had blown all of his candles. It was soo moving i was practically crying my eyes out. luckily i was home alone or my sister would have had a good laugh.

Incidentaly i also have a weakness for soft rock and alternative rock songs. They make me feel so mushy and sentimental. I was recently listening to a collection of the most amazing songs on my friends phone and i could help but get teary eyed.I always fall into thought right after i listen to a song that has moved me. I kept wishing that my life would be like the songs there, simple, gripping and moving. I think am just a hopeless romantic and a proffesional fantasiser.

So anyway i always wonder how will it be just before i die. Will i like get a memo from heaven or get a nyc dream, or the sudden urge to write my will. Will it be tomorrow or ten, twenty years to come? How will it be and where will i be. Sometimes it would be nice if we could get a sneak preview of life. Or a trailer of how our lives should be and how we should turn out.

Usually, people associate thoughts on things like death to elderly or terminally ill people but i think it is important to ponder upon. Life is too short to live it like an experiment and life also is too short to live it in a paranoid state of extaordinary caution. I might be strange in the fact that i think about what would people remember me for, at my young age but come to think of it, what would they? Am i just the usual cliche person who lived the usual cliche life? Its okay to be ordinary, but it kinda bothers me that life could sometimes be such a predictable bore because of conforming to people’s opinions of right and wrong. not that am advocating for total and complete deviance or rejection of norms,no. But a little open mindedness would add spice to an otherwise stale existance.

I myself have lots of potholes to be covered and amends to make, but as i continue on life’s path, i hope that i will leave a trail that is commendable and that is uniquely me. A life that has one of those fabulous soft rock tracks as its soundtrack and one that leaves a tear fallin at the sound of the last guitar strumming. Even maybe make a hopeless romantic like me to cry.

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