A little stone age is what we need…

25 Jul


Just this weekend i went for a camp at a campsite just behind ngong hills. The place is called seuseu and it is a divinely beautiful amd nature has been generous to it because the view from there is breathtaking. The special thing about this place is that it is in the middle of nowhere and there is no electricity or stone houses. Just the traditional Maasai housing,manyattas.

With that picture in mind, you could imagine our excitement when we got there. What really amazed me is how people felt so comfortable with just the bare minimum. Its nice to be away from the modern world where you are expected to look groomed and refined and just be at a place where it really doesnt matter. We practically smelt of firewood smoke but we didnt mind. I probably am still smelling like smoke even as i type this post in the library.

The beauty of nature is that it make a persons’ inner suppressed self to appear. It was a site to remember seeing grownups, from completly varing professions and backgrounds, playing like little children and doing things that they would not usually do in everyday life settings
Talking and bonding discussing issues of life and love.

It got me thinking alot. Maybe all this modernisation has got to us and we just don’t realise it. People have forgotten the theraputic beauty and elegance of nature. The joy of simplicity, the freedom from scrutiny and expectetions, the life of freedom and laughter, where the grown up in us can know when to let out the inner child and play to our hearts content.

The balance of life has been tipped because people are overwhelmed by life.So i would definitely recommend a trip back in time as a very effective therapy and oportunity to breath from this harsh, harsh world.
m not marketing that place but i know how good i feel now considering i was quite sad when i was going for the camp, and felt overwhelmed by life’s issues. Now, i can even dance in the streets or sing a song as i walk along. So trust me on this one, a little smoke is good for the soul. 😉

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