If today was your last…

22 Jul


I don’t know what’s happening today but every station i tune in to has a song that is about not giving in to your fears and forgetting about he past. Maybe its fate trying to get through to my stubborn mind that refuses to let go and be the bigger man,figuratively speaking considering i am not a man. Or just a titbit too superstitious or a believer in things happening for a reason.

There has been a solemn like aura floating around me so i will stop ignoring it and acknowledge that something is up though i constantly try to delude myself that nothing is going on.  You see, a little while earlier i got added to a face book group that was started in the memory of a former classmate in high school who passed on because of cancer. A few days after that, a little girl with cancer was being interviewed by Jeff Koinange on the bench. All this time there was a lingering message floating around in the back of my head that life is fleeting and you never know what may befall you so live it to the best of your abilities.

At times i think its sad how people, me included, carry baggage from the past and it bogs them down and prevents them from living to the fullest. Entertaining self-defeating thoughts, succumbing to fear, underestimating their own worth. Its the tragedy of baggage, the sad reality of one too many people.

I wish is was as easily said as done, but i of all people know better. Because in my case it would mean forgiving someone whom i honestly think does not deserve an ounce of forgiveness.

I love rock and i will leave you with the words of a song i was listening to. It says;

‘what if today was your last day,

and tomorrow was too late,

would you say goodbye to yesterday.

would you live each moment like your last,

live old pictures in the past,

donate every dime you had,

called the friends you’ve never seen,

reminisce on memories,

would you forgive your enemies…’

Think about it… And ask yourself why you do not do all that at every chance you get, because indeed, today might be your last day.

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