22 Jul

the voices in my head
the tears down my face
thoughts torturing my head
my heart left for dead

looking helplessly,
with nothing i could possibly do
holding myself in the corner
drowning in my own frustrations
sunk into mental regression

i once had it all
but just as it came
it was soon gone
stuck in a hellish state
back to the painful dread
a real life nightmare
whirlwind of sorrow

unsure of tomorrow
all is out of my hands
i want to sink and evaporate
disappear just dissipate

I lie agape
my soul by life raped
i feel trapped
no escape

i always wonder why
and now heaven am done trying
done spending my days and night crying
hiding my self
every day a constant fright
every step opposed, a constant fight
I’ve tried to hold on tight
but i can’t live like a hermit
treated like a sort of vomit

take me now
or allow me to do it myself
give me a method how
to avoid all this misery.
life lost its appeal
pain has brought me to my knees

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Posted by on July 22, 2011 in Poetry


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