this thing

18 Jul

i understand i am just human

not merely close to superman

but i wish i could also fly

and be from a different kind


if the day wasn’t so long

or the night feel so cold

that darkness wouldn’t scare me

and I’d have the strength to face anything


if i never had any fights

nor felt the pain of sleepless nights

if i never had to hide

the countless nights i slept in fright

they call it life

the reason for so much strife

but i sometimes wonder why the bother

what’s the point of even being in existence

a revolving world with revolving times

happy today tomorrow sad

then the wheel starts to turn all over again

like being in a well of bottomless revolving sand


then came love with promise of fulfilment

which eventually caused the hearts’ bereavement

most beautiful thing

that can kill with not even a drop of blood spilled

can make life worth living

but also make death worth trying


this thing called life

the cause of endless strife

to understand it I’ll not try

but when i get to heaven

i will ask the father why?

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Poetry



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