Excuse your eyes!!

18 Jul

I can be a very hot blooded person at times and right now is one of those times. i am sitting at a computer in the library minding my own busines and  i notice my computer is eliciting quite a bit of curiosity and stares from around me. No i was not watching Porn!!! I was reading an article to one of the health websites i have subscribed to. I hadn’t even noticed the picture of the bikini clad chick was causing so much commotion. Most of the people around me were guys, a fact i hadn’t noticed or even though about. Or even quite frankly cared.

On the other side was a bunch of people throwing me the looks that imply that i should leave and let those who have ‘important’ things to do use the computer. I shot back the look that suggests ‘continue staring at me badly for as long as you fancy but i am not leaving this place until i am done blogging to my hearts content.

I don’t know if i am the only person who meets with these type of people who can’t seem to keep their eyes off things that are not their own . These breed of roaming eyes is annoyingly so very common in whichever sector of our existence. The nosy person seated next to you in the bus busy reading your texts along with you, the long necked person next to you in the library  perusing every page along with you or the annoying person in the cyber who is using his cyber money for looking at computers other his own.

Thank heavens that the head can only revolve for 180 degrees. God knew that the human curiosity is insatiable. Imagine what chaos it would be if we shared in the abilities of the owl to rotate its head a full 360 degrees? Just the thought of it makes me want to shudder. No privacy guaranteed anywhere and plus that is a very creepy thought.

But since am having lessons in how not to let things bother you, i will just gracefully let it go. But that is right after i shoot murderous looks their way,stick out my tongue and then casually turn back to my work like i have done nothing at all.

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One response to “Excuse your eyes!!

  1. najma

    July 20, 2011 at 9:03 am

    nyyyyc! human curiosity can be so annoying 4 real….


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