kenyan greek tragedy

12 Jul

I usually don’t remember what i dream about but when i do i always amaze myself. I think i should patent my mind. It has a very intriguing imagination.

Today i overslept but i cannot be blamed because i was watching a movie in my head and i did not want to wake up until it was over.

I was the main character (of course because its my dream anyway). In the dream,I was organizing a surprise bash for my man. I was not going small, i was all out with a mega budget that i had saved up for he longest time. i had an awesome night laid out and every detail arranged to the letter.
I called him and then he told me that he has something to tell me. Being the wonderful girlfriend i was, i go out to meet him because i assume he is stressed and just wants to vent.
To my uttermost shock, he dumps me!! On the night i arranged an amazing party for him, he dumps me!! Expectedly, am crushed and i call his brother who is at my place together with all of his and my friends. I told him that i couldn’t attend the party and asked for him to bring me my purse.I needed money to go and drown my misery in alcohol. Drinking was a habit i had already stopped but in that instance it was either alcohol or wrecking something and the former was much more milder. He was gracious enough to go buy me the drinks because he said its not safe for me to go drinking in strange places with crazy men around.

We went back to my place and i just could not stand the sight of all those people looking at me with pitiful eyes. After pouring myself a drink and taking a huge mouthful, i said ” Thank you all for coming but clearly this party is over. Help yourself to the food and drinks and let me stay her and drown my misery in this drink. I have no intention of embarrassing myself in front of all of you so if you please, you may now leave before my alcohol starts telling me to behave otherwise. I do not need your pit and any reference to my boyfriend might just be responded to by violence. Thank you for coming and i am sorry for this disappointment. Oh., before i forget, someone give him these gifts or i will destroy them when i get intoxicated enough. Just incase any of you is feeling judgemental towards me, live with it. I do not care what you think. Until you walk a mile in my shoes, you would never understand me. He left me with a cliché line that even he did not believe, unaware that i am pregnant and that i had this amazing and extravagant party planned. I just want to black out now and forget everything. If you have any advice for me, keep it to yourself because i am tired and not in any mood to be lectured…”

I woke up with a start and just sat in bed in bewilderment.I looked around and on seeing that i was just in my room, i breathed a sigh of relief. It is not very heart warming to dream of a greek tragedy with you as the main character.

The sun was high up in the sky and i was terribly late. I jumped out of bed but my dream still lingered in my thoughts. God forbid it to happen. I will just say and firmly believe that it was my extra imaginative mind taking a spin and not an indication of things to come.

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