Its the little things that matter….

12 Jul

Most of my inspiration comes from music. I am divinely in love with music and i happen to have listened to one of my all time favourites today. its by Luther Vandros and the chorus is;
“buy me a rose,call me from work, open the door for me what would it hurt, show me you love me by the look in your eyes. These are the little things i need the most in my life..’

That song has a special significance for me because my previous relationship ended because of such like instances. It got me thinking about life. About love in particular.
The beginning is always magical and you seem in a perpetual state of elation but when life kicks in, instead of the spice enriching the food it makes it unbearable. That’s when the little sweet things go and its a bore being together.

I usually wonder why people never learn from their own or even numerous documented mistakes in songs and books. Whoever said the best things in life are free was very right indeed. Being thoughtful is something that you cannot buy or that you can pretend. The difference between chore and a passion is the attitude. So when you give a rose as a chore it is very easy to spot that and when it is from the depth of the heart, it is visible to the whole world.

The current society appraises complexities and has forgotten the grace of simplicity. It seems to be forgotten that when you are in a relationship, you are relating with the person and not their wallet or purse. Although love is facilitated by money, love is not initiated and cannot be sustained by money.

All i am trying to say is that go back to the basic basics. The times when you called in the middle of the day, you dropped by for a surprise visit, when you made him his favourite food for no occasion at all, when you greet each other with a smile and hug in the morning. The surprise card you made yourself, opening the door for her, saying thank you,giving a massage at the end of a long day and apologizing for the silly things you do or don’t do.The small little things that made you smile all day, the small little things that held together the flame. The small little things that are small but when neglected are a very big deal.

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