When sittin back is your best bet…

11 Jul

Its sometimes sad when you spend all your life looking for something that you always had with you but you just never got to see it because you always faced the wrong direction.
Remember the times when you are frantically searching for keys and you end up finding them in your hand, or the time you could not trace your pen yet when someone else came, they easily found it at a very obvious place. I constantly find proof daily that worrying yourself to death will only do you a de-service rather than help you to solve anything.

In this life the chief thing that people are searching for is money in a bid to achieving happiness. I do not dispute that abundance of money aids in doing what the heart desires, but true happiness comes when you find love. Be it love from someone or love for something.The mistake many people make is looking for love. How would you know where to look or even how love feels to warrant your pursuit? Searching kills the magic, the beauty,the mystery in love and makes it a boring mechanical process. The most profound amazing love you could ever experience is one that finds you when you least expect it. The kind the comes when your mind is pre-occupied with other things that you do not notice it permeating your skin. Its unveiling is then breathtaking and carries you into a world of pure non-obliterated bliss.

The man or lady of your dreams might just be the next door neighbour who you think is so sweet or the preety cashier at the supermarket, or the hunk from church or even the new guy on the block. The greatest limitation to getting what we deserve is our perception of things and where we get them from. Minds are blocked by the cliches they read in books or watch in movies that they fail to see the diamond right in front of them as they seek the illusive gold in the distance.

The good book, the Bible, from which I derive these perspectives says that ‘your life is shaped by your thoughts’, ‘guard your mind with valor…’ Even the Almighty is asking the world not to limit itself by its own thoughts, its own ignorance. Then it also explicitly says that ‘everything that was created has a destiny.’ Destiny has a way of finding you even when you constantly run from it. but the difference is the state in which it will find you in.

I know this for a fact and i can confidently say that better the bird in hand than the two in the bush. Stop searching and be still for that which is meant to be, will definitely come into being.

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