Swag in chains

08 Jul

‘Man is born free but is bound in chains everywhere’… I read that quote and i had an ‘aha-moment’. The quote was in a public relations text and it was talking about the fact that being in an organisation limits individual freedoms. The PR version of that quote is that man is born free but is in organisations everywhere. The inevitable bit about life is that you have to belong to something. Starting from a family, school, friends,clubs, groups, church(or any other religious group) and the list is endless.
So i got thinking. If we will forever be in chains we might as well enjoy them.
Therefore introducing my list of how to wear you chains with swag:

1. Own it!
Relax.Ever noticed when you wear something that aint yours, something just isn’t right with it how it feels. Thus dont sweat the little stuff. If a rule fits follow it, if it doesn’t bend it a a little but make sure you are bright enough not to get caught or to talk yourself out of a situation.

2. Assume it!
When a chain is a accessory,it doesnt disturb you. But when its a restriction you will try and wiggle out of it. My point is that you should be yourself. Dont let anyone or any system bog you down. Be yourself, live your life, attend to your own devices,dont be ruffled by opinions and just be easy

Last time i checked, i am not a motivational speaker so that’s about as much as i can say. I know its helpful because it comes from the wealth of my heart. 🙂

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