If there was any justice, . . .

05 Jul

‘If there’s any justice in the world, i would be your man and you would be my girl. . .’ Those are the lyrics to a classic hit in the 90’s. I was just listening to the song and it got me thinking. Thinking about life, about love in particular. My love life,or is it the lack thereof.
I am currently single and loving it but sometimes i worry myself. I have met my fair share of guys and i have also broken a load of hearts. Some intentionally and some i didn’t intend to. Don’t get me wrong,am not apologising for anything i did but i just hope i will not be doing that all my life.
Usually when i first get to know someone i am a dream come true. Sweet,disarmingly sweet and simply heaven sent. But at the first feeling of doubt in me i turn cold so fast you wouldnt know what hit you. I think its a reflexive defence mechanism i subconsciously developed to shield myself from heartbreak. At times i scare myself at how cold i can get. I think i just get cold feet which spreads the chill to my heart. At this point i am actually writing this because i think i’ve met someone i’d like to give a chance so i am hoping and praying that cold feet don’t kick in. If there is any justice in this world let me be able to love!!

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