Redemption vow

04 Jul

This is my pledge,
my solemn vow
that i made when i found the crown
when my heart fell in love
with the one who died for me

i want to be real,
not wear a fake skin
no more hidin behind perfection
but to dwell in my redemption
for i came to the realization
that the measure of true emmancipation
is ability to be free
for pretence and hypocrisy
is a life of mediocrisy

i once was lost but now am perished
is the song reverberating in a soul downcast
unaware that none is an outcast
amazing love just a prayer away

drowning sorrow by the bottle
or numbing pain by living wild
all in vain
pointless with no gain
i’ve been through that phase
thus i know all what i raise

so now as run this race
i will wear my true face
not hide behind a facade
for though am saved
i am still being remade
i stumble one too many times
but learn from it and get stronger

remembering that the essence of salvation
is not a ticket to perfection
but the freedom from condemnation
the joy of redemtion
living with revelation
and exclusion from damnation


Posted by on July 4, 2011 in Poetry



2 responses to “Redemption vow

    • laetoille

      July 18, 2011 at 11:52 am

      I appreciate your comment .thank you very much


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