04 Jul

I initially thought of doing this post in full caps but that would just look bad and i’d have regretted it later. However everything i say here is shouted.
I was told that when something eats me i should talk it out. Actually something hit me and i didnt know what to do. I’m talking about misfortune, mishaps,malfunctions,oops factor or in crude terms,shit. All of the above. Frankly i’m fed up. I just ask my dear guardian devil to take a vacation or to just simply back off from my life. I have had my more than fair share of downs that i sometimes forget how it feels to go up.
What happened today is that i had a major wardrobe malfunction and i was more angry than embarrassed. Such an uneventful day it was before my little inconvenience. So apparently the day was dull and needed some drama. At my expense? At least heaven was kind enough to have around me a lady who could give me a kanga. It was one of the days you wish the ground would just swallow you because that will even be an open relief from the misery that life is sometimes. God bless the lady who helped me but that kanga had hideous colours and there was no way i could wear it to make it look like part of the outfit. So i stood out like a sour thumb when all i wanted is to just fade into the background… Enough about my bad moment before i get all emotional.
Its a reality that we can never predict what life will throw our way but i wish things would come preceded by a sign. My handbag is normally well-equipped with anything i might need and i can rightly say it is self sufficient. Yet i cant even help myself in certain situations. Now i wonder if i should add things to my already bloated bag and look like am going camping each time i leave the house.?!
The Holy book, The Bible, says that God will never give you more than you can handle. Therefore i will take consolation in that if God let me go through all what i have, then he must really have confidence in my agility and ability to cope. Though a breather would be great. I could use some good tidings my way.

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