High skul never ends. . .

01 Jul

I recently had one of the best days in a while. I got a lunch invite to a friend’s place. I had lost touch with my highschool friends,which was chiefly my fault,so i decided i couldn’t miss it. Although i had thought of skipping it. 🙂 However am glad i went. It was like a trip back in time but this time the people are all grown up and looking great. After the shrieking and screaming because of meeting up, we got down to girltalk.
Girltalk is infamous for it being very explicit and it was exactly that. I was especially on the spot because i had disappeared from sight for so long. It was nice to be with my friends again and that i could talk anything with them and not feel judgement. That is as much as i can say because there is an unspoken rule that says what is discussed there stays there.
All rockfans like me know the song that says highschool never ends and i totally agree. Life is just like highschool. Who is doing what, who is dating who,who was seen where. It all occurred to me that its all a never ending cycle, the only difference is the setting and the topic of discussion. In college its all about boys and crazy escapades,after college its money, jobs,men,maybe settling down. And in all seasons there are the compulsory topics of shopping, clothes and beauty.
But who’s complaining. High school wasn’t that bad. I guess the same rules apply. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, be true to yourself and take it easy. Then life wont be bad at all.

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