No looking!

29 Jun

Of late i have been making a lot of resolutions and vows to my self. Some good, some peculiar. Like just yesterday i decided i will not look at myself in a full length mirror for more than five seconds. Why you ask? Five seconds is sufficient for me to establish if my outfit looks good and is too short for me to start entertaining negative thoughts about myself. It may seem odd but if it works, why not keep to it? Although, that will be a little hard to do especially in town where the buildings have huge glass windows and displays. Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror as you walk by and start thinking to yourself ‘Damn! I have a big behind.’ i know i have. Or the time i spotted a hot guy and to avoid being caught staring,i instead ogled at him through the mirror. It was like a small victory on my side. At times i also check if my hair looks alright. Dont raise your eyebrows to me, everyone has hidden naughtiness.
All these little habits i usually do with immense tact. I learnt my lesson when i was just a small girl in primary school.
What happened is that my friends and i liked walking home together. There was a dust road which progressed into tarmac as you drive on. At the junction where the tarmac started was a building with huge mirrors. We usually walked and stopped at the buiding to rest or just do nothing in particular. There we would polish our dusty shoes and make our hair all with the help of the mirror. We even did a little catwalk there. We were only 12 so its allowed to goof around. One day our class teacher said that he had recieved a report from a bank about little girls who used to beautify themselves at their mirrors. He was even shown footage from the security cameras. Then he cast accusing eyes at my friends and i and said that he will not mention the offendors because they know themselves. He warned against such behaviour because it dented the schools image. You can imagine the embarassment we felt. We sincerely didnt know it was a bank. I mean, normal banks have clients and signs of life. But that particular one was a ghost bank. The building itself looked haunted and we had never seen anyone going in or out. We didnt also know that it was a one-sided mirror..
Childhood stupidity is allowed, that’s what memories are made of. 🙂
That aside, it will definitely be an uphill task to walk past all those mirrors without throwing the occasional glance so il see how long i can keep that up..


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2 responses to “No looking!

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      July 18, 2011 at 11:51 am

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