Mirror mirror

27 Jun

Mirror mirror on the wall
heed to this my call
who is that whom i see
that looks just like me
but nothing like i used to be

withdrawn and meek
identity she seeks
unaware of the depth
the abundant wealth
that inside her dwells
awaiting the awakening

stuck in an invisible bubble
trapped by her own inhibitions
like a flower hid behind a bud
refusing to bloom and reach full blossom

mirror mirror on the wall
tell me that is not me am seeing
for i am not like that at all
along the way i did fall
and on me it took a toll

mirror mirror on the wall
don’t put me through this hell
of lookin at just a shell
the echoing of a once deep well
the hollow empty eyes
or the heart cold as ice
no longer do i know the girl i see
for one point in time she was me

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Posted by on June 27, 2011 in Poetry



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