Freshman Frustrations

27 Jun

After surfing for only one hour,I just got sent out of the library for logging in to facebook. Apparently its a rule. What irritates me to the core is that i didn’t even know such a rule was in place. In rational society, you normally get guidelines or pointers when you join a new institution or buy a new product. In this case it seems that i joined a paranormal society where rules are communicated telepathically and i am the only one that did not get the memo. I try reasoning with the guy but he told me that if i stay there and someone else saw me they would facebook and ask why i wasn’t sent out. All i just heard was blablabla. . . I gave a polite smile and said okay and started loggin out of all the sites i had opened. He smiled back and i was thinking ‘get a life!’ He fell for my disarming smile. I really have perfected the art of smiling even when i don’t mean it. In another instance i would have been amused but i was far from amusement.
I walked out and went to pick my bag. The guy there started hitting on me! My luck today is just splendid. The man is almost twice my age and has the nerve to make moves with the intention of seducing me. I can sue! Apparently i hear that these days people get arrested with the intention to commit a crime so i guess i could win in court couldn’t i? Anyway, i politely avoided his obvious advances and left. I uphold propriety and i find it distasteful to shout or talk rudely even when offended unless push comes to shove. Though at times politeness just does not work in crude surroundings. I left the building and decided to orientate myself with town by taking a few strolls.Today was a wasted day so i might as well make it gainful by finding my war round town.

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