First day of school

22 Jun

Undoubtedly, the first day of school is one of the clumsiest days ever. Be it the first day of kindergarten when you yell your head off when your mum leaves, or the first day of high school where you are terror-stricken and in a zombie like state even before the seniors get their chance of toying with you. The first day of university or college where you walk in circles because you are too embarrassed to ask around for they will discover that you are new. As if they will stuff you in the bin because you are new! Paranoia is really a sad thing.
So anyway, today was my first day at this college I’ve just enrolled at. Expectedly, my nerves were on edge. At least i wasn’t late for the bus, and a dose of the hilarious morning show of Maina and King’angi relaxed me substantially. I followed the crowd to the premises,got my time table and proceeded to class. In alien surroundings i only talk when necessary and the rest of the time i access my new environment. First thing i noticed was the loud mouth girl yapping behind me. It was like her mouth would itch if she shut it and just listened instead of trying to complete the lecturers sentences. She was also the belladonna of her little pack of three subjects. But its campus. Everyone to his own designs, so i let her be. In every class there is always the socially awkward person so there she was bunched up in the corner of class with body language screaming leave me alone. Then there were the free rollers who, just like me,were scanning their surroundings. I spotted some people i’ll have to talk to before the end of this week. The lecturer’s are a story on their own which i will blog later. I think my classmates probably branded me a phone-a-holic because all i did in between classes was surf and laugh to myself.
On the bus ride back to town i sat with one of my classmates and i have officially made a friend. Evans. He is nice and looks like a fun person. Am not doing badly for myself considering ave got me a name and several acquaintances, right? 🙂

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