Awkward!!. . .

22 Jun

I had just managed to source credit from my mum and i was just settling down to have my dinner in peace while surfing. I was having a swell time until mum decided to tell me a story from work. She told me that a young lady came in and wanted a pap smear. My mum is a nurse. Apparently it couldnt be done because she was a virgin. I didnt even know that a pap smear isn’t done on virgins. So they askd her why she wanted the test and clearly she aint having sex. She said that she might be soon. Was she getting married? No, she said. But she was going to because of peer pressure and suchlike excuses. When that story took that turn, i knew i was in for a lecture on the importance of virginity. As if am 12! Luckily i have the uncanny ability to switch off so i got engrossd into my phone and gave the occasional nod to show that am still listening. She was probing, that i knew. And i had no intention of satisfying her curiousity. I suddenly changed the topic to some cute shoes i saw. It worked perfectly. It changed the topic from ilicit sex in universities to how i always want everything. 🙂 Am a genious arent i?
I dont know if my mum knew what i did but either way it was a little too late. Sextalk only works when you are 12. Right now il just cleverly avoid your question. Sorry mum. We just never got that close and its a little too late to bridge that gap..


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2 responses to “Awkward!!. . .

  1. Nkay9

    June 28, 2011 at 8:35 am

    exactly! especially now when every one is talking about uni students dating older guys for money. great post.

  2. laetoille

    July 19, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    I know. its so annoying when parents try to do that. thanks for reading and liking it.


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