Timely touch

19 Jun

Today i’ve just received the sweetest message anyone has ever sent me and i was simply blown away. It was quite timely too because at this point of in life am beginning to feel lonely. You see i was used to the feeling of being in love that i was crashed when i realised i was in love with a mirage. Thus am still in the process of picking myself up and making a stronger me and i am at the stage after acceptance and beginning to move on. Which,to be frank, is lonely and i find myself craving company and affection. This message not only warmed my heart but gave me the resolve to be the best of me. I want to be God’s gift to mankind. That a man would be fortune to have me. In my excitement over the message i hope i’ll not trip over my words and say things i will regret. If you are wondering whether i like this guy back, keep wondering. For that is for me to know and for you to keep guessing.. 😉

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