Mid year resolution

19 Jun

I have heard it said severally that the best you can be is yourself. But the question that really reigned in my mind is how can i be myself if i dont even know how. For as long as i can remember, i have always wanted to be politically correct. Second guessing myself and changing my view everytime it causes a less than desirable reaction. I even find myself wondering if what i say in my blog will offend someone’s beliefs! Its MY blog for heaven’s sake! It should be my views,my persona, my beliefs. Who even knows what is politically correct? Correct is relative depending on opinion. In relation to that, today in church the sermon was based on the story of David and Goliath. If you ask me what the sermon was about, i couldn’t tell you. But i got a very valuable lesson. Trying to conform to people’s ways and styles of doing things will only take you so far before you realise that it is just not how you function. The time you decide to take off all the covers, inhibitions, pretences and launch out you will surprise others and also yourself. Same thing David did. King Saul gave him his armour but David realised that with all the excess baggage he couldn’t walk so he took it off and we all know how the story ends.That is why the Bible is known as the living word because a text can come alive for different people in completely different ways. It occurred to me that who i am is directly connected to whose i am. Unfortunately, my character varies depending on who i am with and that is a fact that has disturbed me alot. The disparity,or to be more candid,the hypocrisy has overstayed its welcome. I have made a midyear resolution to stay true to myself. I’ll merge my two very different characters into one. Create the brand new me. Love me or otherwise, i will be me..

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