Weapon of mass redemption

18 Jun


a secret,
so obvious but unseen
its simplicity the key
to its potent power and grip

i stumbled upon it by chance
made my whole being weak at my knees
my eyes teary
soaking my hanky
never did i fathom such an effect on me

a weapon that melts the hearts of stone
it crumbles the highest walls
softens the hardest of souls
could make a rock to shed tears
or a concieted king to fall to his knees

i talk about the power of love.
a tall tale till you taste it,
farfetched until you feel it,
nothing so pure
nothing so sure
a love thats true lifts when you are blue.

love your enemies to submission,
pay back love and forgiveness for pain,
its nowhere near easy,
but just try it.
wat a surprise you will find..

for yourself, recieve it.
embrace it and flourish,
freely given this great gift of love,
the only weapon thats true.

the weapon of mass redemption

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Posted by on June 18, 2011 in Poetry



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