Re invent. .

17 Jun

Well, its another day and am home. Alone. The tv is broken and am distraught. Between doing my chores or listening to radio am spoilt for choice that explains my not so elated attitude. Guess its true when they say you only realise the value of something when its gone. It never occured to me how much relevance the tv had in my existance and sincerely i think its pathetic. I revolve my amusement around some people being paid to be behind the cameras while i waste precious time ogling at their good and some not so good looks. So today i got me a blog. I always wanted one, i never knew exactly what i was waiting for but am here ain’t i?
Today is the beginning of the online brand called me. My online signature. I might be a little green right now but watch this space. .(that is so cliché but it work so whatever) I have the flu to boot so today is apparently going to be one of those days that you wish you were elsewhere. At the risk of spreading my very ‘lovely’ mood i will be on my way to my erands,more of boring repetitive chores. Peace.

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  1. Anthony Jaramba

    June 17, 2011 at 8:00 am

    what a coincidence! I have been a big fan of your poetry and notes on Facebook and just when I was going to ask you to start a blog you… Am looking forward to reading your blogs. Kudos


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