Lesson from the flu

17 Jun

Am really down with the flu and am cosy in my bed waiting for the meds to take their toll on me and usher me to slumber land. As i slowly get drowsy a thought occurs to me.
A flu comes out of nowhere. It starts small as the occasional sneeze then in no time smack! Its full blown coughs and handkerchiefs. I wondered if i could learn something from that. Sometimes the only thing holding me back is my thoughts. What if i just act and ponder later, instead of pondering and acting never. I may be little and some what insignificant but if i keep at it, one day i’ll break out like the flu. My effect felt far and wide. I take the first steps to greater heights, for the tune of a great song starts with one chord. Today i may strain but soon my star will shine. So as the soothing strums of the guitar play and the music in the background lulls me to sleep, i doze off with the words of the song ringing in my mind. My journey has just began and i’ll run with the best of me until i can accomplish all my dreams.

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