Fading away. .

17 Jun

Nothing is as mellow,as soothing and as relaxing as jazz. The sensual saxophone keeps you hooked as every note caresses your senses. Effortlessly transposing you to a world of bliss. Jazz is an acquired taste that i had the privilege of being introduced to by a wonderful guy. He was everything i wanted,needed, dreamt of, or so i thought… Just as you get the feel of jazz and later fall in love with it, so did i get to grow fond of him and eventually hopelessly in love. It was like the perfect interlocking to my pre-destined soul mate. It was a time when nothing could rattle me, my heart was literally flying. I was under his spell and i not remotely interested in setting myself free. My head and eyes where fellowshiping in the clouds because i could not notice the tell-tale signs.
He dropped me like yesterday’s trash. The music in my head suddenly screeched to a halt..
I moved on. But every time the music plays, when the saxophone sings, i cant help but reminisce. Bitter sweet memories. You had your time, i had you, you were mine. But just as the music gradually fades so do you in my memory’s mind.

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